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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
If someone treats me horribly and attempts to squash me down, I don't owe them a thing! Especially if they have a downright nasty need to hurt me or "teach me a lesson," AND their words and actions clearly show a huge misconception about who I am and what's important.

Fuck anyone who pulls shit like that, and the high horses they rode in on! Seriously!
I know you are right. I understand what both you and II are saying. I would certainly give out that very same advice if it were someone else writing this on here.

The thing is that I don't believe it. I find it hard to turn the corner into believing that he really is the way he presented.

I think you are right Derby, I need an objective opinion and need to remember the good things people have said on here. I also need to remember that I have said a lot of good things about them on here, Leo especially. Interesting how those got missed in all this.
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