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Default Toronto, on canada shout out :)

Shout out to all my fellow canucks! Curious to see what kind of Canadian and possibly even Torontonian representation we have on here. Also looking to date of course. I'm a 28 y/o female dating a 28 y/o male. we're poly and have talked about the possibilities of lots of different arrangements. I personally am looking to date a bi or lesbian woman who's okay with me being poly. My partner and I would ideally like to have a mff triad but if that means simply me being in a romantic relationship with a woman with whom he develops a deep friendship he's okay with that too. We're open to different arrangements as long as we are all respectful, honest, and careful with each others hearts. We'd also be curious to date a couple, either two women (this is actually our ideal!) or a mf couple (where the emphasis is on ff relationship, since my partner is only slightly bicurious).
Anyway, theres so much more to say...just curious to see whos out there
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