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Originally Posted by Mookitten View Post
He says he'll always love me, and always make time for me... But I've honestly been questioning that love, too. I know he does, at least to some extent.
Love isn't worth much when you're not treated well. Parents who abuse their children say they love them, too. Don't be so desperate. Just because you don't believe you are worthy of the time and attention of someone who cares and can follow through on his statements of love with actions that make you feel wanted and valued, doesn't mean it is the truth. I don't think this boyfriend of yours is worth your time and attention, because he treats you with such disregard. Perhaps you should see a therapist or counselor and work on your self-esteem.

Re safe sex, I hope you realize you should get tested, whether you keep seeing him or not. If he doesn't use protection with you, what makes you think he is careful with anyone else? If you do keep seeing him, demand that he use a condom with you from now on. Just because he says he's been tested and is "clean" doesn't mean a damn thing if you haven't seen the test results (originals, not copies that can be doctored). The way he treats you, I wopuldn't trust what he says without proof. Wake up, honey!
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