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Originally Posted by NovemberRain View Post
Hi geminisag,
Truthfully, when I got here, the lovely dingedheart pushed me on why I wouldn't share, and wasn't that unfair to them. I realized that if they came to me with a joy and passion for someone else, I could find a way to go there. Because I love them both so very, very much, and I want them to be happy. It's in my best interest for them to be happy.

It's not at all selfish to want what you want. How you go about getting it or giving it can be measured against 'selfish'. But wanting is just a feeling.
I know this was not to me or for me, but it resonates very deeply with me. It is a struggle for me to define what it is that I want without needing to label the wanting itself as "selfish". I love the idea that how I go about creating what I want can be selfish or not while the wanting of it can remain unjudged by me. I currently have three lovers that share me while I do not share any of them.....

greedy? selfish? maybe..

But I also recognise that I am moving forward more and more into the idea that as I experience more love from my partners, I have more love to give to my partners. Might that also be true for them...if they experience moe love, might they have more to share with me???

This poly walk is hard and scary but far more rewarding than I ever imagined. And I feel so incredibbly blessed to be sharing the journey with such patient and loving souls.

Thanks for the food for thought!
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