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Oh, yeah, the divorce thing.

No news from Ragabash on that front, sadly. Once it does go through in Canada (and I've decided to call there on Monday to check if it has been filed at least, I found the number to call for that), I have to get it recognised in France which takes six months.
I found out that I can also apply for a divorce in France even with him not responding or anything, and that it will "only" take two years before they declare the divorce done due to lack of response, so I might look into that if he hasn't even filed. At this point I don't know how things are since he ignores my emails.

I am on a tourist visa, same as the first time I went to the US, except this time it's for 6 months rather than three. I have to go back to France in April, at which point either the divorce will have gone through in Canada and I'll be working on getting it recognised in France, or it won't and I'll get started on getting a French divorce, even though it takes ages.

Once I'm officially divorced according to the French state, I'll look into a fiancÚ visa, which allows me three months to get to the US and marry Seamus, at which point I can apply to stay permanently. Until then I might re-apply for tourist visas depending on how long it is before I'm divorced.

I was joking with a friend of mine that soon we'll have spent more time married after breaking up than while together. It's not really funny but sometimes you laugh so you won't cry :P
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