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Default Tough stuff

Jealousy is a tough one for me in my current triad. My husband and our girlfriend are waist deep in NRE, and I'm not on board with that heady emotion. I'm having a helluva time dealing with feeling alienated and lost in something that I chose to start. It's not very pretty, and I wish I could just disappear sometimes when I'm having a really tough time. I do communicate how I feel, but they're my emotions, and nobody else's responsibility. I keep thinking that there will some kind of solution that will allow me to feel safe and sane again, keep hoping that it'll get easier, but I'm deep in discomfort and upset at present.

And I thought I was an evolved, happy, centred person.... sheesh, polyamory really turns you upside down inside of yourself. What I'd give for a chat session right now with someone with experience.
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