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We do communicate. I voice my feelings and what have you. But it doesn't change his actions... And, while I understand to an extent he wants to have other relationships and everything... I just don't understand the one-night stands.

And, to be fair, he met me and his other lover at the event. The same event. Same night... So it's not like I have anything special with him. We have nothing that's "ours", per se. Because he shares everything with his lovers... He took me to the Renn Faire for my birthday. But then just took his other lover "just 'cause". And... I feel like I need a special occasion to get anything from him... Plus, he lives with her. Which has made me very jealous. (And I've met her, I don't like her. But that's neither here nor there)


I don't know what else to do. He says this is what being polyamorous is. And that if I don't like it, then this isn't the relationship to be in. I stay because I'm in love with him, and he says he's in love with me. And, beyond everything to do with his poly lifestyle, he and I get along great. We have a connection, we love spending time together. And I'm just so happy when I'm with him...

Although I'm slightly uncomfortable posting about that sort of thing on a public forum, he and I do not use condoms. But he does with all of his other partners. And, honestly. I believe him. I do not think he has any reason to lie to me about that.

Also, he was my first, and I'm on birth control. Of course this does nothing to protect against STDs, I'm aware. But... He says he gets tested regularly, and is clean. And I just trust that.
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