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Default So good to hear from you.

Hey peabean. Oh man, the guilt! It's what we're up against now - there's been a lot of that flying around, which none of us were really expected. She's been feeling guilty for not feeling the same love for both of us, I've been feeling guilty for needing any rules at all, he's been feeling guilty for being so caught up in NRE. Doesn't seem to matter how much we all reassure each other, we're all always worrying about how everyone else feels. First we worked to protect boundaries, now we're working to disassemble them. We'll get there, but holy hiccups hannah.

No, no individual dating as of yet, but I kind of like that idea, and see how it could really foster intimacy and a "break" for all of us while still bonding on the whole. Will bring that idea to them when we do some more werk!
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