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Originally Posted by ForestFloor View Post
I can't help but feel that it wasn't MY call to make.
from his perspective her behavior has been a lot better than it was before and she deserves a chance to be in his life for another try
Two thoughts. First, what you can personally handle is always your call. If we don't get a say over that, then what DO we get a say over? You couldn't handle staying with him while he was also with someone who'd behaved in such problematic, unstable ways, so you let him know that. He then made a choice to prioritize his relationship with you over his relationship with her. It's not like you didn't try, and in the end he made his own choice. You didn't do anything wrong here.

Second, no one "deserves" a shot at anyone, no matter how well they're acting. The only thing we deserve from each other in the end is respect and maybe a little kindness, and I'm sure he didn't break things off with her in an unnecessarily cruel manner.

It's gonna be ok.
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