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Originally Posted by MojoJojo View Post
OK, my grammar was the victim of cut and paste writing without proofreading. Pretty sure I explained what I meant twice already though. And seriously Magdlyn, whats with the hostility? Is this the general flavor of these forums?
When I first joined this forum at the beginning of this month (so, also a n00b) I would have said no, but this past week I'm not so sure. Maybe there have been more new people than average, or maybe people's own current issues are (adversely) affecting their responses to other people's issues, but I've noticed unwarranted negativity in some threads.

I can understand how some of the senior members get tired of seeing the same questions and problems come up, but the thoughtful, reasonable posts that first attracted me to this board seem to be giving way to short, brusque, and even snarky responses in some cases. I've also noticed an increase in "You need to" and "You should" responses, rather than "You might want to think about doing this". Each relationship is as unique as the individuals in it, even if there are some commonalities due to us all being human.

For what it's worth, I'm sorry some of that seemed to happen in your Intro thread. I'll admit the first post had me wondering if English was not your native language, but after I re-read it I got the idea. And like you said, you've clarified.

I don't really have anything to contribute as far as your specific situation goes, but I wish you luck!
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