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Originally Posted by BaggagePatrol View Post
Hey nycindie, thanks for that. Don't mean to make it sound like I'm not into talking it out, it's just hard work/heavy lifting right now. Yes, it bothers me for sure - was hoping to find someone who'd say, "That totally happened with us..." There are no magic answers though, poly is a smallish community, so finding large average of people who've been through this might be tough, I guess. Altho mags seems to think that it's pretty standard, so maybe I'm wrong about that one.

Yeah, it happened to me. Tho she didnt want sex with me... not that part. I wanted sex with her tho. But she was just into my (now ex) husband and their NRE was outa control.

Its a very common scenario in triads. And your original rule is often made, sex with all 3 or nothing. Seems silly, people's sex drives can vary. What if youre bleeding and having cramps and just wanna curl up w a heating pad, while she is ovulating? Sheesh.
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