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Default Exactly.

Thanks Brigids, sage words there. We did exactly that - I laid it all out this morning, telling them exactly how it was for me. That it was really disappointing and alienating that I didn't share the same level of emotion and NRE that they were having with each other, and that it made me feel guilty and pressured to always be "up" with them when I really just wanted to chill as a group. Like, I want to go at my pace sometimes, but I feel like I'm buzzkilling their groove as they're so "in the moment" with each other. Great! For Them! Not for Me! They didn't like it, in fact both of them cried. Intense. My GF wouldn't look me in the face for like an hour. Theories are great, but realities define relationships, and this reality is def changing. Are there other posts that you know of specifically around this? I googled it to death, don't know how many keyword combos you can try, but didn't turn up much....
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