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Originally Posted by MojoJojo View Post
OK, my grammar was the victim of cut and paste writing without proofreading. Pretty sure I explained what I meant twice already though.
Well, yeah, and you said you didn't understand why there was confusion so I explained it. Just making sure you know why what you wrote was confusing and sounded sex-focused. That's all. Not asking for more explanation from you.

And Mags's question about the cock size wasn't hostile. There have been a few threads about this here lately... read around. The common issue with men is that they are threatened by another man's tool or skills, or if their partner falls in love.

Again, we're just trying to ask for clarification based on what info you provided. We're asking questions to get to know you. That's it. People might poke fun at others now and then, but we're generally not hostile here. However, we are often very blunt!

PS - Why a cruel world?
The world opens up... when you do.

Oh, oh, can't you see? Love is the drug for me. ~Bryan Ferry
"Love is that condition in which another person's happiness is essential to your own." ~Robert Heinlein

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