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Default The changes... oh the changes...

We set out with the rule of all three of us at once. I want to change that rule, they don't want to because they think I'll freak - fair enough, we made it a rule for a reason, but we have outgrown it!!! TOTES to pressure - it's driving me crazy, and having some kind of weird depressing effect on my sex drive, which is usually through the roof. It's like because it's expected and desired every single time we hang out I'm just like.... meh.... I don't get it. Like I said - therapy.

So far no go on her place - it's super cramped. Maybe it's worth bringing up, but they're stickin to the three thing fornow, mostly my fault as I was all like, let's stick to the rules, it'll make it easier.... Guess we just need to talk talk talk it out.
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