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Hey nycindie (are you in New York?)

They try to balance it all out, and we do play games and hang out. I guess I just feel left out and weirded out by the lovey-ness of their time together. Normally my man would never stay up until midnight on the couch talking after a long work week - he's bushed and would head to his man cave to relax, or maybe we'd watch a movie, but when our lady is out he is BOING up and totally into talking foreevvvveeerrr.... I end up feeling guilty when I don't want to have sexy times too, as they want me to be there for all the sexin. I'm kind of like... can we just get to a place where you two can hook up and I can go watch some HBO? There "trying to be good" which is just driving me nuts as I don't WANT them to be good, I just wanna chill sometimes. I need a therapist or something.
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