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Originally Posted by MojoJojo View Post
Somewhat surprised by the confusion. "Same sex" clearly refers to sexual orientation. While the word "sex" does indeed appear I am hard pressed to understand how in that context it could mean that I am looking for a "swinger community".
Well, you introduced yourself talking about sex, and basically just said that you and your wife have an agreement to pursue sex with other people. Nowhere did you mention love or relationships, so I (and a few others, I believe) wondered if you understood what poly is or if you were really looking to go swinging. And the grammar of "Me and my wife is a small agreement about being able to pursue same sex if we should so desire..." made me wonder if you meant to say "same sex" or "some sex." If you had said "same sex relationships," I wouldn't have thought you were only focused on sex. See? It just helps to be clear so people know what you're about in seeking information here.
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