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Hello . . . allow me to introduce myself. My user name is "Snap" or "snap6674" if you would like my real name, just send a not...I am not shy. My wife, Jules, and I are not shy about our lifestyle. I am happy to inform you that Jules gives an absolutely stellar Blow Job. That's her gift! She is a professional orally, and...although I would love to watch or participate in her action, that is her please men. Jules is shy when it comes to groups, but, Jules also LOVES women (as long as the know how to kiss) and she will gladly share me with that lucky woman and watch.

I, personally, am most happy when I am chosen to be a 3rd. I am experienced with MF, FF, and even experienced being a 4th if needed. Although I am gifted in pleasing all women, I am also gifted in making a MF or FF fantasy come true.

That's me and Jules...Men, let me know your interest and I'll be glad to hook you up with my wife (however, you better have an above average, pretty cock). Couples...i"m here to please...figure out what you want and I'm in!

That's me and Jules...take a chance?
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