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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
lolz. 3-5" here is just above a "dusting" but well below anything resembling a hazard. We'll call a "Winter Storm Warning" for 8"+ in a roughly 24 hour span, or if it gets stupidly cold. It's funny people's perception of snow depending on where they live.
Well, have you ever driven in NYC without snow? That's hazardous enough! It is so congested here, and drivers are crazy, and aggressive, yelling, speeding, honking horns all the time (even though they now have laws against it), while pedestrians ALWAYS jaywalk, trucks are double-parked, and cabbies are weaving in and out or stopping short to pick up a fare. We never wait on the curb, always far out into the lane. I think driving in the city is what bronco riding must be like. Add snow, heck even just rain, and it's ten times worse! Whenever I drive here, I am gripping the steering wheel and gritting my teeth in terror, LOL.

Drivers here are nutz!!!!1!!one!!1
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