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I'm in a ffm triad. My husband and our girlfriend are head over heels in love - and it's awesome to see. I love hanging out with both of them, and also love them both as people - we have a lot of fun, and when we have sex it is hotttttt..... Problem? I'm not experiencing the same level of love, or desire for sex that they are.

It's super weird to be around people that are SUPER in love when I am just in a space where I feel like I'm hanging out with good friends. I've told them how they feel, and it just makes them sad. Because they're so in love they want to make out and snuggle and talk all of them time - I kind of just want to enjoy some regular nights watching movies and playing games, relaxing together instead of always having to swim around in their love soup, y'know? I don't know... just a weird place to be..... I'm not even jealous, just kind of annoyed and end up feeling left out sometimes cuz they're so into it. I'm more interested in planning a vacation or buying them both presents - it's not that I don't love them or dig how into each other they are. ARGH!

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