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Doing better today. Taking IB to manage the pain in my teeth, and I actually had a pretty good time home alone last night. Now I'm feeling creative for the first time in ages and I've got A New Hope playing for background noise. I'd almost forgotten how much I adore the original three movies.

Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
I am on an email list from NYC, which sent me a "Hazardous Travel Advisory" due to 3 to 5 inches of snow expected in the wee hours tonight and tomorrow morning. It's been cold here all week, but I didn't realize snow was on the way til I got that email, LOL!
lolz. 3-5" here is just above a "dusting" but well below anything resembling a hazard. We'll call a "Winter Storm Warning" for 8"+ in a roughly 24 hour span, or if it gets stupidly cold. It's funny people's perception of snow depending on where they live. We're almost like the Inuit in that we have lots of ways of describing snow in a few words that are universally accepted across the region. Terms like "Lake Effecting" or "Thundersnow". I always get a laugh out of people from the South who go to school up here and their reactions to the snow.
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