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I'm feeling a bit blue.. I'm missing Mya a lot. It's not painful, but right now it's there in the back of my mind constantly.

I don't usually want to dwell on it, but at the moment I feel sucks that she's not closer. It sucks that it takes such amounts of time and effort and money to see each other. I'm really looking forward to 8 months from now when Mya and JJ will be moving to Dream City. We'll be in the same country then; still 300 miles away, but there will be a choice between a ridicilously cheap 9-hour-bus and a relatively cheap direct flight. We'll be able to meet more often, maybe twice a month, and more spontaneously as well.

We are growing closer, and I feel like I'd like to move forwards, to create more together. For the first time I'm beginning to feel like that ability is seriously limited by our physical distance. It's a different push than the hunger for intimacy that NRE creates. I just feel like I want to build more of a connection with Mya.

Ok, that's the end of this whine now. Btw, this rant shouldn't be misinterpreted in any way to signify that I would regret us being in an LDR. LDR is all that's possible for us at the moment, and I can't describe how significantly our relationship enhances my life. I'm just looking forward to being able to decrease the distance.

Just wanted to write down these feelings. Don't really feel like doing lots of pondering about stuff, thus sorry that I won't write more thoughtful responses to you Phy and BU, but I do appreciate you posting and enjoyed reading your views.
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