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Default The other girls I compete with. (Sarcasm)

There is a new Love in his eyes. I seen it when he took the kids and I to town for The Dews first day of ballet. Little Woogier curled up in Lovers lap and The Dew quickly joined and he gave them a big hug. You could tell he was melting.

Woogie was seated behind him and every time we got out of the double cab truck he would snatch up Woogie. First he would make an excuses for it. In the end we knew that he just loved it. He loves her. Woogie would almost curl around his face and shoulders hugging him so tightly. He carried her around the whole town trip every chance he got. I know that two year old has some weight on her but he didnít mind.

The Dew had a scary yet fun time at her ballet class. The girls all wanted to hang out and talk with her. She on the other hand was a little too scared to talk . Me being only 5'3 was very intimidated by what I call the stamped of pink. That is a whole bunch of little girls, in tutu's, in that small building racing around. Absolutely adorable and oh so dangerous.

At home was more pasta making. Lasagna this time. We picked out the ingredients at the grocer while The Dew was at dance. We put together a delicious dinner. Everyone pigged out. I have been working out too, so my appetite was bigger than usual. Woogie ate only off Lovers plate that night, and eventually fell asleep in his lap. He mildly freaked asking what he should do next. I asked if he was comfy, and with a funny look on his face he said yes. Then relax I said. To which point he did finally relax. Jewell and I warmed our truck. Then we took the full and sleepy children out, and headed home.
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