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Today has been such a busy day but I decided to drop by to write that there may be a poly wossname developing near me. Sort of a linear tangle perhaps, maybe quite a real tangle, I have no idea how strong the connections are and I actually don't know how far it would reach i.e. how many people are involved.
This means that my(A) husband(B) is interested in someone C who has a relationship with someone D who in turn is developing a relationship with our friend E and may have other relationships as well and E has a relationship with F.
(those letters are just arbitrary and for this post only to depict the chain of relationships, if I happen to write a lot about this I'll have to invent better "names" or initials)
This might get complicated. Luckily everyone is aware of everyone else (as far as I know). Nevertheless I'm intrigued to see how this'll turn out.
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