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Originally Posted by polyq4 View Post
I think the one thing that she will not understand by doing this is that this will eventually break down the relationship between her and her husband. Even if subconsciously, he may not realise it now but eventually it will. She is breaking it up and forcing the 2 of you apart and whether he says it won't now, it will. IMHO. And of course no one has said that to her.
Yes. Actually, despite all of the our explanation (we worked on these issues for 8 months with me in the house), she failed to understand. He pointed out to her that by her demand that we separate, she was hurting him, which would actually harm the two of them no matter how much he didn't want that outcome.

She feels that his love for me devalues her; he feels that her failure to understand that it does not is a rejection of who he is. (She won't even recognize that he believes that even if she cannot. More along the lines of that just isn't possible.)

It's very sad. I suspect because of the children they will both choose to hang together for the duration though. However, I could be wrong.
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