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Original posters, I hope you continue to ask questions like this here. This forum is mostly about love relationships. Now you two may or may not define yourselves as poly as the forum generally does - multiple love relationships (or possibility of such) where all involved know and consent.

There are lots of questions about relationship issues here - all good. And poly for most is not solely about sex. But I have enjoyed and learned a lot from the discussions that were more focused on sexual topics like size, birth control, what is 'normal' physical reactions, female sexualities, male sexualities, techniques, sexual identities and so on. These aren't poly but they are part of our lives and I want to talk and listen about them and learn more.

I would like to know what toys or scenarios have worked for people in threesomes or triads or V's or whatever configuration. Not every poly person wants or has had group sex but some have. And I want to benefit from others knowledge. We give advice for couples looking for unicorns all the time. Why not offer suggestions from our experiences on ideas in how to satisfy said unicorn?
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