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Nycindie, thanks for the response...

I think you raise all very good points. See, the thing I'm worried about is, he moves in, I get to see him all the time, the feelings for him grow more and more... Then a few months down the road I tell him how I feel and either things go great, or a) he doesn't return my feelings at all and now I have to see him everyday while I try to move on from those feelings and b) he doesn't return my feelings and feels uncomfortable and weird that I didn't inform him of these feelings BEFORE he moved in. I don't want him to feel uncomfortable and all of a sudden need to find a new place to live. If he wasn't moving in, I wouldn't be rushing this (or at least I like to think so... But like you pointed out, it's almost like I now all of a sudden feel like I HAVE to do something).

SchrodingersCat (sweet name, btw)... I kinda feel like I'm leaning more that way... I'm the type of person that just gets everything out in the open right away. I don't do well with keeping secrets, and I feel like this is a pretty big one to keep inside. Then again, I can tend to rush things, be impatient and get a little needy/clingy if I'm not careful... And I really don't want to do that.

And then there's the whole "I love you, but no matter what you do or how our relationship grows, you will never be as important as this other person." Like you said... I think that probably would be painful to hear, but it's the truth...

Sigh. I'm really appreciating the responses... He's supposed to come over today and hang out with the two of us to discuss moving in, so I was thinking I'd tell him today. But I'm still confused as to what to do.

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