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Originally Posted by atconner View Post
My brother, and now my father, are convinced I'll need a lawyer to pull myself out of this relationship after the daughter gets mad at me and accuses me of molesting her.
I would ask them how this is any different from dating a single mom. And then counter with the fact that more grown-ups around means more witnesses to testify that you were with them the whole time and there was no opportunity for anything to happen.

A lot of these biases are based more on "I heard a story about a guy" than the actual situation at hand. Since it's impossible to know what really happened in these cases, and because the safety of children is so important, they all have to be investigated.

It's not unrealistic to imagine that a jaded teenager could falsely accuse you of inappropriate behaviour. Regrettably, it happens all the time, and just the accusation is enough to ruin you. My parents used to belong to a babysitter's co-op, and my dad would refuse to care for children if my mom wasn't there. Soon as he did that, a lot of the other dads realized he had a point and made the same refusal.
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