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I don't understand what this has to do with polyamory. Nothing in your post says the slightest thing about romantic relationships, sounds like it's all about sex.

Now don't get me wrong, sex is great, I'm just confused and wondering if this forum is what you think it is. More and exciting toys isn't going to help build romantic relationships if you aren't laying a strong foundation first.

I would check out fetlife for discussions with people who play casually with different toys. This forum is more about ongoing romantic relationships.


Do you have a good dildo that stimulates the g-spot? As well as a "safe feeling place" to use it, i.e. one where a woman can squirt all over without feeling like she's going to ruin the bed?

My other question is: why aren't you asking her what kind of toys she wants to play with, and take it from there? I can offer all kinds of ideas, but without knowing the other people involved and what they're into, it's impossible to predict what will be fun or dud. Bring out the wrong toy with the wrong person at the wrong time and playtime is over.
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