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Originally Posted by Somegeezer View Post
Don't need to make a profession out of it to play it. =P I often split from bands because someone in the band always has something come up that takes down their time or money. With my last band, that guy was me. =P Now I'm planning on just solo projects and studio bands, rather than the gigging aspects. Will give me some good experience with recording too. =D

If you do get anything down, please share it with us. =]

That's true. But they always wanted to "go somewhere", which just isn't for me. Now I'm so fucking old, in the entertainment world, that the whole issue is moot. I want to work for money and play music for love. Well, I'd take free money and spend the rest of my time making music if it was an option =P

The sound I am currently working on developing, when perfected, should resemble an orgy with Iron&Wine, Phosphorescent, and Neutral Milk Hotel, while Ben Cooper of Radical Face sweats in the corner. Sorry, I love fucked up metaphors. LOL! If I ever achieve my goal and someone says "Hey man, you sound like (see above), I'll piss myself.

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