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Originally Posted by neegoola View Post
would you feel in saying that, from a strictly psyco-chemical point of View, the Christ and the Goddess/Mother ARE the same?
I am not familiar with the psyco-chemical point of view.

Originally Posted by neegoola View Post

you never mind that celtic people too were murdered by those who brought Christ Gooddist message through europe? no? ok.

are you not touched by the fact that people who name christ and officiates rites to Him are entering your energy too as you are in the christ calling out his name (i think that the Spirit has very good antennas)? no, very good for you.
Most religions were not spread as peaceably as we'd like to believe. I am aware that the Church murdered many people in it's "conversion", but I cannot shoulder the burden of responsibility for actions that were not my own. As for the second part of your question, I'm not quite sure I understand what you are asking.... my energy is my own to give; they cannot enter my energy into anything. My own worship is personal and private. I am familiar with the practice of energy raising and know this to be true.

Originally Posted by neegoola View Post
have you ever read that we have NO historical prove of jesus existing? that the fact that he has been hidden in the census period is a lie to cover up that he was not there, he's never born; that those who needed a new monotheist religion to follow with monogamic mariage to build up a "new" society (in which we still llive) created a Huge/wise character stealing pieces of myths and other ancient wise people studies here and there, not worrying so much about copiright as the official Ancient priests and priestesses were all dead by christians' hands? adn that, if he were existed one may consider that no gospel says that he was NOT married on the contrary of any other man living there at that time; so it can also be that he was poly, just authorities didn't let people no and darkness is still around there?
is your power based on faith?
Honestly, I'm having a hard time following your train of thought here. Different groups believe different things, but last I heard, they had found a man who they believe to be Jesus of Nazareth. The main problem with searching for Jesus' birth records is that many times they are looking in the wrong time period. Jesus was born around the time of the census, NOT around when the Catholic church decided to celebrate his birth, in December.

Originally Posted by neegoola View Post
IMO mother mary is not the Goddess, it's the only female image that christians had to let be in order to manage to keep power on people and avoid their revolution.
Some people do revere Mary as a goddess, but I do not. Who am I to tell anyone what to believe or how to worship?
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