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I agree with you, Breathesgirl, on the whole mother nature thing; I'm not terribly fond of winter, but I'd rather have it than indecision.

As for me, I had a good long cuddle with Runic Wolf this morning. :-) Working this afternoon; trying to pick up any and all extra hours/ clients I can handle because money is so tight. I'm hoping that the veterans only job fair at the end of the month will point him in the right direction because I'm having no luck finding anything more than part time work in my field with the funding cutbacks. Wendigo is trying to find a tattoo parlor to apprentice him; he's an incredibly talented artist.

Other than the usual money crap, I'm doing pretty good. Finally got rid of the cold I had a couple of weeks ago and for once, I didn't give it to Wendigo and Pretty Lady.
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