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Good luck with studying and exams! I'm waiting to get my latest exam results next week... Oh noes.

I wanted to comment on the alone time issue earlier, but I didn't have time, just now came to think of it again. How is it progressing with that?

I've had one of those instances when I went to Alec to say that "if you don't mind not coming to the bedroom for some time now", so I can totally relate to the awkwardness. It was fine, though. I'm a bit surprised that you managed to get by such a long time of living together without it becoming inevitable. I think that if I ever live in a poly-household, there will be designated alone-time for all 'couples' (as well as individuals). I do like to go with the flow, but alone time is such an important need for me in a relationship that it would be harmful to have too little of that. And it's mostly about non-sexual stuff.

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