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Okay well, I have three kids, between 11 and 14. They have not met any of my OSOs simply because it's been long distance. However, they know of him and have talked to him as well on Face Time. (they love showing off for new people) I'm honestly not as concerned about them meeting another person in my life simply because they have always been raised around more open people. When they were little I did a lot of gaming and LARPing and they met friends of mom and dad's. Including a couple that mom and dad were close to and even cuddled with and kissed and all of that.

As they got older they went to camp with me a few times where people were of all different religions and sexualities and it was clothing optional. So they understand the difference between nudity and sex. They have seen mom cuddle with and hug and kiss people, women and men. Have even had the conversation of why don't I marry an 'Uncle' of theirs even though I'm still married to dad! So had to explain you can only marry ONE person and their 'Uncle' was gay and so while we love each other and hug and kiss and cuddle, I'm not his type.

Kids, are smarter than people think. So honestly it's up to their parents to be honest and open with their daughter as well so she doesnt' think there's something 'wrong'. Side note, thinking she won't figure it out until she's 13 is the most ridiculous part of it all. My girls were asking questions well before that!
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