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Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post
Homosexuals have replaced the Romans of biblical times with one important exception: the homosexuals don't actually want to kill you all and tear down the church. All they want is to be accepted by it.
darling, i can't remember that Romans pulled down christian churches and that they wanted to kill* christians: first reason because there were not so many churches while the roman empire was still "on" (the empire ended about the IV century, while costantino signed in nicea; the church at that time didn't have so much money and people), second reason because romans has always melt their culture (and their pantheon) with culture and religions they did find in other people that they submitted -which were pagan too, everyone fo these groups in their way.
the monotheism of christians, coming to mediterranean side and up and taking people "by" their hunger, came to occupy, to bring a new religion to people that had already theirs, belonging to their geography (i.e. why should i worry about not eating pig if i live among forests? this matters islam, for instance, ah? -"marry just one man, stay at home, be passive, feel opressed, the patriarch rules, give him your dowry. you are a true bitch.". no, thanks.)

*and it is not even true that the christian history was filled up of so many martyrs and saints; two years ago, i think, the church (rome, the vatican, i mean) admitted that more than a half of saints and martyrs on calendars had been invented to fill it up, to give every day a story/mith that the church "needed" to insert in our "literature" -to complete the feudal/courtoise brainwashing about monogamy we suffered.

sorry it was so long, but living 200km from the vatican with what this means on the national AND the international side of it, has such a weight on my true skin..

Originally Posted by RunicWolf View Post

I make it a personal mission to reach out to others and show that not all Christians are full of hate and spite, and that, sometimes, we can actually be pretty awesome.
thank you, i imagine you understand that my "attacks" were directed most of all to the old testament. i didn't mean to offend anyone, if i did i'm sorry.
just i keep on asking: if the basic book, guideline, of the religion you think you chose for yourself is valid for less than a half, why remaining there? there's plenty of re-discovered currents.. what's about the place you have your roots, your blood? Natives? shamans? pagan? wicca?
why a monotheistic, masculine, "foreign" religion? (not talking about studies, but about religion choice).

p.s. hi, RW, i read you a bit in this period, nice to meet you directly here and now
"as long a i live, i vow to die and be reborn, die and be reborn, die and be reborn, over and over again, forever reinventing myself" r.brezsny
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