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I am in the process of reading every post I have made from December 2010 to now to see where the validity is in the things I have been accused of. So far the actual writing out of my thoughts and concerns is the only thing I can see. This very thread is a concern and threat I have been told.

I am cutting and pasting everything into a document that I will go through and write about each point. After that I am going to read my whole blog and write an index it on the first post (I have the mod power to do that, I hope the boys don't mind ). I thought it might be helpful to anyone wanting to read it as there are pages and pages of writing all mixed together and if anyone wants to read here and find stuff they will be able to more easily. Everything about everyone, every thought and every event will be page numbered as best as I can.

I am quite excited about this as this whole thread is about my life and where I have been. It has been quite a ride the last few years and I think going over it all is going to be significant. Besides, if anyone ever wants to use this blog against me again I will know what it says and where to find the posts.

There is a lot that has been made clear to me in reading my blog and I have only read a few months. I don't see any point right now in writing here about my realizations thus far. I am not interested in creating more fuel for a fire that I am not responsible for.

Perhaps this exercise seems ludicrous but I am who I am and I love that I getting to the bottom of my shit diligently and thoroughly. I am a processor who takes her time. I love relationship dynamics; it is my passion. What better person to pick apart than myself. We shall see if I get this done!
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