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I thought I was overdue for an update. It's been a while!

I'm in the US now, have been since the end of October. I am still with Seamus, our relationship is doing great. J and his other FWB stopped things and "broke up" (or whatever the correct term is. They're still friends but without the sex) and after an appropriate amount of time we started being FWB.
As he said, Seamus was comfortable with it once I was living with him. He actually gets aroused by the idea that we do things while he's at work, and he comes home to, as we call it "re-establish his territory". I guess it's a kind of cuckold fetish in which he's being dominant, not submissive.

It's going well, I talk with J often but usually nothing happens, it's quite rare. But it's enjoyable for all three of us which is nice. There was a break though as around the holiday Seamus had to go to the hospital and I spent most of my time there too by is side (he had a foot infection and got surgery. He's fully recovered now).
He asked me if I had sex with J while he was in the hospital, and said he would have felt bad if I did. I told him that I really wasn't in the mood for that at all. He seemed relieved, I think he was afraid I might push him aside or something.
I should give you some background: his ex dumped him while he was in the hospital for a perennial abscess. She basically said "well, I'm off screwing someone else, we're through, I don't want to have to take care of you". Later she came back and said it was "just a test" but he told her there was no way he was getting back with her after that.
So when he was in the hospital, he was afraid I was going to leave him. He said things like "don't leave me" a lot at the beginning, I kept assuring him I wasn't going anywhere, but I thought he meant he wanted me by his side, as it seemed obvious to me I wasn't going to break up with him.
He said he knew I wasn't going to but then again he didn't expect her to either so he was still scared.

Anyways, things are going well. We just adopted a puppy, an adorable pit/lab mix. She's chocolate brown and 11 weeks old, we're starting her training on Sunday. We've only had her for a couple of days and we're trying to house train her so far. She's very affectionate and smart, but she's also a glutton so we'll have to work on that.

So yeah, just wanted to let everyone who might be interested know that we're fine and everything is doing well. I'll keep you posted, although probably not very regularly.
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