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Originally Posted by SourGirl View Post
Your gut-instinct, and your 'Attraction-Meter' has already answered this for you.

You find this guy flaky, and off-putting. It doesn`t really matter why, or how nice everyone else thinks he is. Don`t try and force yourself to like him.

It doesn't matter how nice or even great someone is, when choosing a partner. It doesn't even matter what other people think of him (beyond hoping he gets along with others who are important to you) What matters is how you two connect, and if his messages to you keep setting off warning signals, regardless of how he explains them later, ask yourself: Do I want an entire relationship of this, where I bristle, then explain and he has to clarify/reassure?

People always need to work on their communication, especially in new relationships, but why set yourself up for such a drastic learning curve unless there's something that REALLY draws you to him?
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