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Originally Posted by opalescent View Post
I find frustrating that 'Christian' and 'Christian marriage' have been appropriated by the radical, fundamentalist, evangelical right. (OP, I am not saying you are doing this!) It's to the point that liberal or moderate Christians are effectively erased from a public presence in the US. Christian marriage can look and feel and be different depending if the marriage is Catholic, liberal Episcopalian or Southern Baptist. There will be some commonalities of course but marriage in all of these Christian denominations has different approaches to the purpose of marriage, gender roles if any and so on.
The fundamentalist, evangelical right doesn't even see Catholics as true Christians. There is such a narrowmindedness to the current "denomination-less" sort of Protestant Christian movement where any random guy can start a church and get followers (and money) if he says the "right" thing.

I don't understand how people can let themselves be so brainwashed.
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