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Spent an incredibly long evening with Fiona last night. Long in a good way - i.e. we were alone, Mario went out, and we got naked together for the first time without anyone else being around. lol It was kind of a big deal to us since neither of us are good at initiating sex. We were still naked when Mario got home, and I felt kind of bad (not really) because Fiona wasn't in the mood AT ALL anymore. Apparently I wore her out... Oops!

On the downside, when I got home at 3am, my puppy (not really a puppy, she's over a year old) had half of her face all swollen and it hasn't gone down much so I am taking her to the vet. There is a little wound underneath her jaw so I'm guessing the dogs played too rough and she has a bit of an infection in there from a puncture wound. Poor thing. She doesn't seem to be in pain at all even when I cleaned the area or poke at it. No redness or bleeding either, so I'm not terribly concerned. Better safe than sorry, though!
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