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Originally Posted by gwendolenthefair View Post
I am puzzled by the behavior of someone I just started dating (maybe) and was curious as to what a group of random strangers would think about it.

Your gut-instinct, and your 'Attraction-Meter' has already answered this for you.

You find this guy flaky, and off-putting. It doesn`t really matter why, or how nice everyone else thinks he is. Don`t try and force yourself to like him.

I am put off by this type too. Especially when I sense a sexual agenda, or someone trying to steer me in a certain direction. They can be as polite as they want....manipulation is still manipulation, even on a 'innocent' level. It doesn`t make them a bad person,..obviously it works on some of the people they approach, and some people seem to like that type. However, if you aren`t into it, don`t force yourself to be.

Edit to add : I don`t think he`s exactly waving his dick in front of you. More like Mr.Magic Orgasms if you just let yourself 'see' the possibilities,...Hahaha ! Ok, this type makes me laugh. Sorry. At least he was upfront fairly quickly.

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