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Well it has been a little while but I fell back in love with my secondary despite the time and space. Communication is the key to everything. However this time I fell hard for a few days, I realized I am setting myself up. This relationship is a beautiful friendship with common interests and passion. However, time and space interrupt that and I am really trying to get reality back into my mind. I guess it is ok to love, just what I get in return may not always be exactly what I want and I am learning about acceptance.

I think what always bothers me most is falling and then realizing that I may not be as important to someone as they are to me. How to balance that I cannot figure out. In this case for a little while, we seemed to be on the same page and we might even still be.

I am just grappling with trying to keep the blues away. It is working a bit although been so busy at work I haven't had a chance to enjoy my life. I have appreciated the love that I have, just going to work on balancing it. My primary relationship is stable and can't fault it at all. Just I guess when I want passion, I will think of my secondary even though he isn't here and won't be. I wonder how others manage long distance relationships for any length of time but I guess they do.
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