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Originally Posted by Ceoli View Post
Let me rephrase: By touching infected mucous membranes then touching objects. When the virus creates a sore, it is shedding virus cells to spread.

I did just re-read the article that suggested evidence of secondary transmission (it was an article I had read last year) and it only shows evidence of the mechanism, not the actual transmission. Though there is anecdotal evidence, that's not enough to suggest it, so I'm recanting that piece of information I thought was true but probably isn't. However, the study did say that about 15% of people with genital warts end up having detectable levels of the HPV virus in their hands and under their fingernails.

We should make it clear that the HPV that causes warts are not the same strains that cause cancers. Therefore, you won't see evidence of those types like you do with the wart causing ones.

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