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Red face New here

Im Pinky shortcake. Im married for 8 yrs together 18. We have 3 kids. He is straight and mono. Myself on the other hand am bi and new to poly(the title not the lifestyle)

How I got here.

I lived as a mono straight wife until 5-6 yrs ago. I reconnexted with a girl from high school. We grew to become best friends. Over time we developed feelings for each other. Eventually We (or at least I) fell head over heels in love with each other. She (j) had relationships with women in the past until she married. During our relationship i realized it was completely possible to be in love with more than 1 person.
I did tell my husband of my feelings for her. He suprisingly was ok with the relationship because up to that point i had been honest. She had not told her husband anything.
We decided to become physical. Which was the most amazing time in my life. Id never felt sooo much love as I did then. I decided not to tell my husband(only lie ive ever told him.) i did this for her. She wasn't ready to let her husband know. Well needless to say her husband was told the truth. Yet this woman who i believed loved me as she said denied our entire 5 yr love affair. She dismissed it as if it was nothing. Completely broke my heart but also changed my life.
Had this not happened my husband would not know the person Ive kept hidden until J.
R(husband) and I have decided that this lifestyle would work for us. We have great communication and no secrets. We together are at a place where allowing another into our lives will only make it better.
Im completely satisfied in my marriage but i crave the love of a woman. The understanding ,compassion and love only a woman can give.
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