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I had a guy I met through an online dating site. We lived in different states so wouldn't be meeting in person any time soon. He asked me about my bra/cup size fairly early on. (Now mind you....I had two full body shot photos with my he had some idea of my shape/size) I'm not embarrassed talking about my bra size, but was rather taken aback as to why it was so important for him to know. So....I asked him about the length and circumference of his penis, flaccid and erect....just to see how he liked such a blatant question early on. At first he was kind of shocked that I would ask that. Next thing I knew, however, he had measured himself in a flaccid and an erect state and proceeded to share the results! So......I agree....there are some men who wouldn't mind doing this. And if it's that important to you and your wife I would guess someone would rather know that upfront than start to develop a relationship only to find out they're no longer acceptable due to the size of their "tool"!

Would willing to share your measurements with another guy if he asked due to similar concerns on his part about satisfying your wife after she'd been with you? would your wife...or any other woman share how "loose" or "tight" their vagina was, aroused and non-aroused, if a guy was concerned about her being tight enough after either had been with another poly partner??? Just saying............

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