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Default loving and unloving behaviours.

So, my husband I were doing our parenting course homework and came across this fantastic chart... I can't make it a chart here I don't think but a list. It seems that we are learning more, or being reminded at the very least, about communication with our child. Which translates into communication with anyone!

Here is the lists:

Unloving Behaviour
  • Criticizing, putting down, judging
  • Persuading to see things the way you do
  • Attempting to get love
  • Making another wrong, blaming
  • Trying to make another change to do what you think is best
  • “I know what’s best for you.”
  • Trying to hold on and have control
  • Believing you alone know what’s best
  • Trying to impose your suggestions or ideas
  • Trying to make others behave
  • Caring only about your feelings
  • Caring only about another’s feelings
  • Trying to make someone change to make yourself feel better
Loving Behaviour
  • Listening and wanting to understand
  • Wanting to understand how others sees things
  • Giving love
  • Respecting another’s choices
  • Being open to understand why you are upset by another’s behaviour
  • “I’d like to help you discover what’s best for you
  • Letting go and being willing to deal with another’s choices, and exploring your discomfort
  • Having faith in your children’s ability to find what’s best for them
  • Offering suggestions or ideas freely with no strings attached
  • Modeling behaviour
  • Considering another’s feelings
  • Considering your own feelings
  • Making yourself happy
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