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Hahahaha......Okay everybody.....basically all she has to do is ask the prospective "partner" to send a photo of his dick and if he won't, he doesn't get a date...period. She could probably even say- hold a Coke can up to it in the photo, so I can determine the scale. A lot of guys will do it! I'm willing to bet money that I could get at least 6 photos from people I've never met- of dicks with Coke Cans within a week. Now- is the guy that will do it the type of guy she would actually want to get involved with.

Anyway- on the other part of the topic....*****warning- explicit female sexual details- stop reading now if you are sensitive.******

When I was masterbating in the jucuzi tonight (with my handheld shower massage) I noticed that the more arroused I got, the tighter my vagina got! And right before I had an orgasm, any size little dick could have penitrated me and it wouldn't have mattered how small it was at my point is that the arrousal is more important to me than the size of the dick.....okay....enough already!!
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