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Originally Posted by Magdlyn View Post
Actually, one of my bfs, The Hottie, knows how to please me orally better than anyone I've ever had. I can't imagine any woman doing a better job! His oral skills are 100% perfect and he just keeps going and going thru the ensuing flood. (and he knows how to use that "sausage" of his really well, besides)

OK, back to your regularly scheduled topic.
On similar lines, I often get complimented for my "performance" as such. =P If anything, these "floods" get me going even more. So I can almost see why The Hottie does. XD
But then again, if you can't please a woman, it could also be down to her just not being all that sensitive. Don't think I've ever met anyone who I haven't been able to make climax at all, but certainly some have been more difficult than others. =]
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