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Originally Posted by redpepper View Post
Wow, thanks for all this info. I must admit I hadn't even considered all this... it sounds rather like scabies. Couldn't you get it then by sitting beside someone on a bus for more than ten minutes?
No, absolutely not. Now if you make out with the person on the bus for ten minutes and the person has in the last few months given oral sex to someone who was actively shedding the virus... yes, but will it hurt you? Maybe. But probably not.

HPV is something like a flu virus that just happens to affect our private parts as well as oral area, lungs, etc. Most people who get the flu will fight it off but some people will not and will eventually develop other complications like pneumonia.

There are some behaviors that a little knowledge may incline you toward like don't sneeze on premature newborns and maybe don't make out on a bus with someone who's recently given oral to someone who had an active virus.
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