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Lover has relaxed and opened fully up. It was a mild fright for everyone at first. How do I explain it? I noticed he became really possessive and clingy to me. Cute at times as he bared his all like a cute little boy who just craves my love. I was kissing on Woogie and before I knew it he was there begging for a kiss as well. In the morning he is excited to see me wake up. He fully lets me cuddle and smother him. The possessive side is him getting slightly jealous at times. I don't blame the sadness when I have to leave.

We made pasta together. The kids got a kick out of watching it go through the roller. Then they watched as we formed it into stuffed ravioli. Finally the whole family sat down and ate a great dinner.

Lover has been helping Jewell and I so much. He has been watching the kids and even making us dinner when he can. It is great. Seeing him really get into playing and caring for the kids is so sweet. I have been needing to get The dew into some social activity. I made a promise to Lover I would REALLY look into it. So, I made a few calls around and managed to get her into a ballet class. It starts this Tuesday! He even volunteered to do some of the driving to town. It is 45 min to town, every week until May. Big commitment on both our parts.

So he came over and picked The Dew and I up for a quick town trip on Friday. We all had so much fun. Lover took us out to eat. He helped pick out the ballet slippers. It was just a blast. Jewell came over to his house. The dew was running around in her little outfit. She looked so big. My little baby twirling around being her cute 7 year old self.

Well Jewell picked up The Dew and gave me a big goodnight kiss and left me at Lovers. By the time that noon had come around we had 4 hot steamy sessions and a long shower. It was such a release for me. I needed the break from the kids. It is January and they are mainly stuck inside mauling me. A night of being able to do nothing but talk, laugh, moan, cuddle, and sleep. Very lovely.
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