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Originally Posted by nycindie View Post
There generally seem to be two camps. One is the type of person who identifies as being poly, like it's a gender or sexual orientation. Those tend to be the people who say, "I've always known I was poly" or "Finally, I have a word for what I am." They see poly as integral to who they are, and part of their nature.

The other camp sees polyamory as a structure for relationships, a practice, an approach, without feeling like it's who they are. These people (I include myself in this camp) tend to view poly not as an identity, but simply as a way of life we can choose or not. If poly seems to be the right fit for now, we embrace it, and leave room for the possibility of monogamy if that feels right at some point.

There are so many ways to live polyamorously. Don't worry about what others are doing, other than looking to someone with experience for some advice. But there's no one single way to "do poly," so just make sure it feels right for you.
I thought this a really useful description of this theory. Hope its helpful.
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